Membership Register

This is an up to date Register of all of our Qualified - Hypnotherapists, Psychotherapists, Art Therapists, Counsellors, Student Counsellors, Master NLP Practitioners, Life Coaches, Mentors, Psychologists and other clinical and complementary therapy Professionals.

If you wish to find a regular Counsellor or Therapist in your area, please email us your request and we will send you a local list the details within 24/48 hours.

If you wish to confirm that we have a person registered and certificated please send your email requests to and explain why you need the information which will be offered you.  The information will be restricted to name and Contact Number / email address and we will confirm if they are current members or have ever been members of our register and their current status, which will either be a 

Accredited Member, with the CPFI.

Full Member, with the CPFI.

Student Member, with the CPFI.

An 'Affiliate' - someone who is in an associated work relationship, or applying for other membership status at the time.


The NRHPCSC is a Register of members and not a regulating body.  The CPFI  is our regulating and accrediting body, so therefore we are not prepared to give any other information on our membership other than if the member is registered with us and in current good standing.

We are not suggesting that we hold any authority over any of our membership other than to confirm their good standing in their professional approach and discipline.  And to offer contact details where they furnish them to us for the general public to contact them for client work.

Our Executive Board will be pleased to offer any further help that is possible in your quest to get help in whatever you desire within the Mental Health and / or Complementary Clinical Therapies.

Any further in depth requests or complaints will need to be addressed to the CPFI for further information, or complaint handling, as the regulating body and research Institute for our membership.