Enquiries to join the National Register

Applications will be accepted from candidates as prospective members or student members in the various professions. 

We need to see evidence of qualifications and experience for candidates in their chosen field of work.   Candidates will be assessed by the executive board and their decisions of acceptance and suitability for the National register by the board will be final.  There will not be any opportunity to appeal the decision.

Also we need to have two personal professional referees (such as your College Tutors / Directors) and for Full Members an evidence of client work and a third reference from someone, either in private practice or from a placement manager, or from an executive manager of the business worked at, or from a Supervisor or a Senior Tutor. 

Also required from full members - evidence of official Public Liability Insurance cover at the moment of £5,000,000.  Student members will require at least a  £2,000,000. Indemnity.

The valid fee and a fully filled in application form will be required to enable the office to process the submitted application.

Current Fees:  


Full Membership on the National Register in each category will be designated by a fee as follows

Accredited Psychotherapists - £9.99 for the year.

Accredited Qualified Counsellors - £9.99

Accredited Hypnotherapists, etc, - £9.99


That is anyone not Accredited, but holding a regular qualification from a training institution on one of these disciplines. £9.99.


Student members in any discipline will join us as A Student Member (while awaiting the establishment of the Full membership), therefore initially to be placed on the register will be £4.99.

Students applying for membership without formal qualifications in their relevant discipline will need to be attending a regular Foundation or Diploma course of study in that category at Level 3 and above, or will be working as a volunteer within an experiential client practice business and under current supervision to qualify.