This is a National Register known in brief as the NRHPCSC.  The NRHPCSC will therefore advertise its membership and further establish the competence of its accredited members, full members and student members to practice at the appropriate level within the various disciplines of Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Counselling, NLP, Life Coaching, and Mentoring (both spiritual and otherwise).  

The NRHPCSC further acknowledge and endorse the recognised training courses accredited through our parent organisation, namely the Central Professional Foundation & Institute (CPFI) therein known elsewhere on this website as the (CPFI).  Central Professional Foundation & Institute (CPFI).

The NRHPCSC also require all members and student members to produce the evidence of their qualifications or currently attended recognised training courses in order to be considered for membership. 

NRHPCSC Members and student members will also be expected to procure the relevant Public Liability insurance covering the general public, in order to rightfully practice publicly.  

NRHPCSC will issue regulated certification, on personal request, to all members of this National Register and require ethical behaviour and standards commensurate of the professional standards laid down by the CPFI and all that becomes Acts of parliament and the Law of the Land in the future.  

NRHPCSC will also facilitate the relevant references for all those who request membership, or student membership, now and in the future.  

NRHPCSC will also charge a small fee for the administration cost of any individual member searches other than enquiry for a local counsellor and/or any procurement of actual registration documents supplied at any time now or in the future. There may be a charge for any physical certification as the register is all administered digitally on computer. 

NRHPCSC Current Registration costs per year are £9.99 for Members and £4.99 for Student Members. 

This enables the general public to request a search to find a valid Counsellor or Therapist through our register and expanded process of referencing and establishing individuals and institutions offering help in the caring professions mentioned previously.

You can be sure this Register only takes professionals and trainee professionals who are entitled to carry on trade through the endorsement of the NRHPCSC registered membership and the CPFI Accrediting and regulatory body.  This is established through members submission to our various checks and examinations including in their official application for membership and of any other known bodies who also may offer further independent relevant checks.